Monday, 25 January 2010

Norfolk Road Trip

As this is a Road Trip, strictly speaking, it should be sunny, I should be in a convertable, I should be sporting Aviators and Roadhouse Blues should be blaring at top volume. But this is Norfolk in January so it's drizzling, I'm in my dilapidated Nissan, the heaters are blasting at top whack and Woman's Hour is cosying me along the A143. We spend a lot of time trundling up and down the A143 visiting the in laws but as we're generally travelling either very early or very late the various enticing looking foody stop offs usually aren't open so today, as I have a rare day to myself, I decided to embark on my Norfolk Food Road Trip.

First on the list is a smallholding which always catches my eye on the trip east. For as long as I can remember I've had a pang of envy whenever I catch a fleeting glimpse of their small pig pens, their chicken flock, the rows of veg. Last year I was delighted when a sign went up announcing their produce for sale although today is the first time I've actually got round to visiting. I now know it's called Waveney Farm and they sell rare breed pork, free range chicken and eggs and Shetland lamb. I came away with a ham hock and a pork shoulder joint, obviously not had time to sample them yet but I'm optomistic they'll be good.

Next stop was the Grain brewery shop. They're in a beautiful spot, in the pretty village of Alburgh, down a lane which twists between picture book farm buildings. Stock was fairly light but I came away with some India Pale Ale and Harvest Moon. Under the January rules sampling is forbidden til Friday night so expect a post full of spelling mistakes around that time.

Third was Waveney Farm Shop (incidentally, nothing to do with Waveney Farm) which was OK but not great in my humble opinion. It felt like an identikit copy of others in the area like Goodies or Stuston it stocks many of the same lines but doesn't have the benefit of it's own usp (like Goodies pork, or Stuston's 25kg sack of potatoes for £3.99!) The products it stocks are good quality and locally sourced, in any other part of the world I'd be in foody heaven, my lacklustre response just goes to underline how lucky we are in this area to have such easy access to this kind of good food. Oh, and one more thing, it was cold in there! I could see my breath, certainly didn't make me want to linger in the cafe. Brrrr.

Anyhoo, last stop was the aforementioned Stuston Farm Shop, my local and purveyor of fine, fine breakfasts. Once loaded up with bargain spuds it was back home for a quick swim before resuming Mothering duties once more.


  1. My parents bought Mike a well-appreciated 12 bottle selection box (and a mug)from Grain Brewery for Christmas 2008 - Blackwood Stout, Porter & Chestnut, I think...the brewery is literally 5 miles cross country from them...

  2. Lucky them, it's a lovely spot!

  3. sounds like a good day out and at least you can now sample your goodies and know whether they will be worth re-visiting again!!

  4. Sounds good, take us next time we visit.

  5. HI Let us know how the meat was, we may give them a try