Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Rabbit Proof Fence

What a day, today has been really, really hard work but worth it as our fence is now complete. The shed went up on Easter Monday following Shed Wars with the neighbours which culminated in our shed window being smashed while we were off site having lunch. I'm drawing a discrete veil over that incident in the hope that it will eventually be put behind us (but Grrrr, Allotments are supposed to relieve stress, not create it)

Now we feel like proper allotmenteers, the car is covered in mud, our hands are covered in segs and every time I stand up I hold my back. The children have been little troopers considering there hasn't been much for them to do up until now. Today they tied some bits of wire they found around some old sticks and spent hours running around with them, first they were snakes, then dogs ("It's a dog Mummy- but mostly it's a stick") then fishing rods. They've fallen in puddles, stood in ditches, dug for worms and collected ants. There's nothing like a bit of boredom to bring out the best in kids I think.

Now that the fence is finished though we can all start planting. The children have some wild flower seeds but I'll probably get them a few bedding plants too for instant gratification. The grown ups have their work cut out too, we've got some raspberry canes which desperately need planting, strawberry plants on order and a cupboard full of seeds who are eager to be set free.

We've still got a way to go but at least the most back breaking of the work is over. It's all fun from here on in (isn't it???....)


  1. Well done. What you have to do to keep those rabbits out. Put a sign up saying WARNING - Trepassers (Rabbits) will be made into rabbit pie or stew. (yuk)

  2. Glad you're still enjoying it...hate to damped your spirits but I've had my plot two years and it's still back breaking at times...though very rewarding!!!

    I have lots of seeds on the go and lots of projects foe my new plot so I have the newbie feeling all over again. It's good, depressing, satisfying and exciting...but oh so tiring!!!

    Good luck with the planting!1

  3. Not as back breaking as today I hope! Can't do this too many times ....

    The planning is pretty exciting though, we've done scale drawings and everything :D