Sunday, 30 May 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was on 25th May 2009 that I posted my inaugural message on Norfolk Kitchen. Of course all month I've been furiously trying to remember all month to post on 25th May 2010 but obviously I had to go and forget so - Happy 370 days Norfolk Kitchen.

My personal blogging philosophy is not one that revolves around getting high numbers of followers or a desire to be listed in the Times most influential bloggers or anything like that. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from writing and taking photos plus there's a very practical use in recording what I've done in the garden or made in the kitchen. I also use to turn my blog into a vanity published book which I keep in a drawer in the hope that one day, in about 30 years time, the children will look at each other and say "Remember that Cyder Jelly Mum used to make when we were kids? Shall we make some now?" and the recipe will be there for them to use. I think I'll explain my expectations when they're 14 and shall eagerly await their (cough) enthusiasm ......

Thank you to everyone who follows, reads and contributes to the blog, I've really enjoyed 'meeting' everyone here and on Twitter and big thanks to those who've shared their expertise and given me a much needed helping hand. Here's to the 2010 season.


  1. Happy birthday to you....I think that my blog must have been going about a year but i really don't know....maybe i should look into this!! I really thought you'd had your blog sure have a way of writing which says you have been posting a long time!
    I am like you as in as much as that my blog is more for me and if people enjoy it then this is good too. I look forward to reading another years of posts from you and sharing another birthday!!

  2. Thanks Tanya, and thanks for all your comments over the last year : )

  3. Happy belated blog birthday :)

    The book idea is fantastic. Probably slightly wishful thinking that they'll appreciate it at 14, but I'm sure it's something they'll love later in life. Maybe you could turn it into something like the old family bible tradition and list family names inside the cover as it's passed down generations!

  4. My sentiments exactly. Doing what you love for no other reason than that, is wholly acceptable. I'm aware that there are many bloggers, particularly foodie ones, that have set out to get something in return.
    I started my blog as I love cooking, writing and taking pictures and I thought, why not share it.
    A short while ago I set up what I call my "Tried and Tasted" section, purely, so that I could write about artisan producers that I wanted to support (no ulterior motives). I do it completely for free and get the satisfaction from knowing that I may have helped someone get some exposure. If I like a product it gets a good review, if I don't, then no review, it's as simple as that. I have to believe in the products/producers that I'm writing about.

    Love you idea of a book. One day I hope to do the same.

  5. I'm sure that at 14 they'll do that eye rolling thing, then when they're 30 I can remind them of their teenage selves!

    Cheeky (can I call you cheeky?!) I love your blog, saw your review of Samphire pies, we love them in our house too.

  6. Congratulations on your birthday - I don't comment here often enough but I really like your blog and your style of writing is excellent.

    All the best for the next year and beyond.