Friday, 7 May 2010


Apologies for the lack of posts this week, all my time seems to have been taken up with ridiculous politics in the Allotment Association which has soured the whole Allotment experience somewhat but I'm firmly backing away from the situation in an effort to control my blood pressure.

On the plus side it's distracted me from the playroom dwarf peas who, upon closer examination yesterday, revealed they've been quietly cropping (that's cropping, the other one is what the cat does in the playroom) and are now festooned with pea pods, although they appear to be a mange tout/snow pea type thing which is a double surprise as I was expecting normal peas. But hey, the children are thrilled nonetheless.

On the allotment I find myself peering anxiously at the seed beds, waiting for seeds to pop up. They seem to be taking ages this year, maybe it's to do with the late spring or maybe I'm just a bit more hyper aware this year than in previous years. I'm finding growing on an allotment scarily public, it just invites direct comparison and competition doesn't it? Maybe it affects the psyche and makes a gardener more combative. Hmmm, just a theory.


  1. wow peas are very lucky. Everything is taking longer this year to come through...I seem to have been waiting forever for green stuff to show it's head...i don't know whether it is later or whether it is just that I am impatient this year....I will keep watching!!

  2. Don't get too jealous, it's only 4 plants on a windowsill, we'll be lucky to get numbers of pods up to double figures! Just a bit of fun for the kids really.

  3. I think your theory is spot on. Rivalry is rife
    on an allotment.

  4. Your theory is sadly true only to escalate further when open day arrives. Supposedly, a bit of family fun turns into fall scale espionage!