Sunday, 31 May 2009

Fairy Garden

Yesterday we went to Pleasure Gardens, one of the events in the South Norfolk festival of Arts. It was set in Rainthorpe Hall in the stunning Tas valley. It was amazing. Rainthorpe Hall is a beautiful tudor mansion and for one sunny afternoon we were allowed to run amok in the grounds and take part in some truly magical kids' events.

Strolling minstrels played medieval instruments all afternoon, a giant Venus flytrap chased a human fly all over the formal lawns, we made a boat from sticks and string and raced it on the River (we won!) But the best bits were the craft sessions runs by The Fairyland Trust Willow and Xanthe made Fairy gardens planted with flowers specially selected to please the little folk (photo above) and we went into a secluded woodland glade where we made fairy houses out of sticks and ferns.

Inspired by our experience I've spent today turning one of our shady borders into a Fairy Garden for the girls. This side of our garden is north facing and in constant deep shade. Hardly anything will grow there so most of it has been given over to the chicken coop. One small segment (130cm x 70cm) remains which is full of ivy, ferns, cowslips, mint and wild garlic. I've made some space for the Fairy Gardens we made yesterday and added a few other props. I'm thrilled with it, I get the impression Willow kind of likes it but seems more interested in a bucket of woodlice she collected when Adam dug over our wild front garden.

Here are a few photos of our new Fairy Garden - you won't get distracted by any woodlice will you?

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  1. Wish I was a Fairy. Looks good and the girls will be thrilled with it.