Saturday, 16 January 2010

It's been over a week!

Eeek, the only time I've left it this long to post before was when we were on holiday, I've obviously been resting on my Aspall's laurels rather too much. I did make the pork dish described in the last post (except it was mutton chops) and I'm pleased to say it lived up to my imagined version.

I'm about to embark on my annual health kick. I can never face a sudden lettuce/gym programme on Jan 2nd, too much of a shock to the system after the festive gluttony so I ease myself into it. My usual pattern is to go tee total from New Year to my birthday (23rd Jan if you're wondering) and then around my birthday embark on the healthy eating programme. This year is worse as my exercise programme was halted by the snow so I've hardly run (I say 'run', 'stumble' is probably more accurate) since mid-December.

So, my basic plan is: between meal snacks of fresh fruit only, running 3 times per week, alcohol at weekends only (but not this weekend), doing the school run on foot half the time (Willow not impressed) and, of course, cooking healthy food. Pictured is Pipling Xanthe, joining in with her Waybuloo inspired yoga programme.

My blogging mission will be to report back on the healthy cooking aspect. My goal is to find truly warming, rib sticking, joy inducing food that just happens to be healthy. I've ordered some cook books and I'm fretting about food photography: let the adventure begin!


  1. don't go's very bad for you!! A walk is just as good and has no strain on the body like running does!! I never do the health kick thing....just go with the seems to be working. Have to admit though I do love my yoga but this is something I do at home!! Oh and my gardening when weather permits. Oh and we don't have a car so i walk or bike places...hhmmmm...guess I really don't do so bad after all!!

  2. Too late! Just back from a run! I do quite a lot on field edges rather than hard surfaces so I minimise the strain. My husband is from a family of dedicated runners (I'm more of what father in law dismisses as 'a jogger') and from what I can see, injuries seem to be caused by competition crazed men who won't stop training when they injure themselves.

    Walking, biking, yoga and gardening sound pretty impressive to me!