Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Norfolk Tart

Right, here's the deal. You refrain from telling jokes about Thetford, Great Yarmouth and errant husbands and I won't tell you the horrific details of my "regional tarts" Google experience. No need to spread the trauma any further I think.

As it was my Mum's 60th Birthday recently we decided to throw an extravagant champagne cream tea to celebrate. We took Jenny Joseph's 'Warning' as our theme, gilt edged crockery was purchased, posh frocks were worn and the menu was fretted over.

In celebration of my 'new' culinary home, I decided to make a Norfolk Tart using this recipe I'm assured it's calorie free ; ) I've mentioned this dish to a number of people who've never heard of it so it would be lovely to hear from anyone who knows anything about it, or how traditional this recipe may be.

Pictured is the finished product (on the bottom tier of the cake stand) which was sweet, buttery and delicious. Much better than the Manchester Tart I remember from school dinners with it's 100's and 1,000's slowly bleeding their colour into the slimy, jellified custard underneath, though I suspect that's more to do with the school kitchen than the Tart itself.


  1. As an eater of the above tart I can honestly say it was delicious. I wish I had took some home with me.

  2. Mmmmmmmmm...checked out the recipe and it sounds delicious...even more delicious when IO found all that sugar and cream added...I don't think I've ever had this or manchester tart....but there is a tart I love but the name escapes me right now...typical!!!