Monday, 8 August 2011

Sunshine Pickle

Just a short post to record this morning's irony. I made a batch of courgette pickle using yellow courgettes and orange peppers which I thought would make a lovely sunshiney pickle redolent of summer. The very moment I got the preserve pan out of the cupboard the heavens cracked and rain commenced bouncing down in stair-rods together with a mighty wind that rattled the fences in a manner which made me fear for the rotting fence posts.

I have to admit it gave me pause, just in case it was a divine opinion on my pickle vision or something. Hopefully, the almighty is a bit too busy to take an interest in the minutiae of my preserve recipes and I haven't damaged my immortal soul by pressing on and making it anyway.

It's very pretty by the way.

(and yes, we did have a good time on holiday. Thanks for asking)


  1. Very pretty Tracey and a good name for it. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

    Glad you had a good holiday. I have a stash of sea buckthorn to process this evening I think it is going to be a painstainking job, so had better get on. Bearing in mind your comments last year on harvesting it, we went armed, and ending up using a pair of scissors to cut off the little spurs where most of the berries were into a bag. Now to separate the berries from their stems. I think its going to be a sticky job.

    Nice to see you back



  2. Nice to see you around. Given your name, any tips on using up Patty Pan squash?!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your is this kind of like branston pickle?? Or more like pickled courgette with peppers??

  4. The 2nd option, it's just my normal courgette pickle made with yellow courgettes.