Saturday, 15 October 2011

So we're one chicken less ......

Sadly, one of our ex-batt chickens died last week. In the past she'd had a few episodes of feeling ill, standing around and looking miserable for a day or two before recovering and getting back to her usual self. But this time was different. I don't know what it was exactly that killed her but she had escaped from our front garden while free ranging and I found her a little way down the road surrounded by poisonous laurel berries. I can't be sure if she'd eaten some or if she had some other underlying condition.

But the upshot is that I'm left with 4 chickens spread across 2 coops so my plan is to buy one bigger plastic coop, to combat the horrible red mite problem in the ex-batts coop, and merge both flocks into one. I'm rather apprehensive as Crispy, the thoroughbred chicken, is something of a bruiser and jealously guards her position as alpha hen. The ex-ex-batt was the alpha in the other coop and if ever they saw each other there would be blood. Literally.

The remaining ex-batts seem a bit lost without their leader, egg production has slowed dramatically although this could be co-incidence with the colder weather and shorter days but I think they'll be happier once they're under the thumb again. And Crispy is already twirling her moustache in anticipation.


  1. Sorry to read you've lost a chicken, but at least she did have a much better life with you, and would have spent her days in hen contentment.
    Hope the merge goes well....

  2. Sorry to hear you lost your chicken and I hope the integration goes well...I will keep my fingers crossed for you and keep us up to date with how it goes....and the pigs too!!

  3. As the weather gets cooler, my 3 seem to be laying more regularly, and BIGGER eggs (3 per day). Maybe it was the previous heat they didn't like. Sad that you've lost one!