Sunday, 11 July 2010

The less fragrant side of foraging .....

Today was the Samphire open day, we visited last year and had a great time so decided to repeat the experience this year. Sycamore Farm was idyllic as ever and my back garden was scruffy as ever upon our return home. I'd like to think that for 364 days of the year the Farm is as weedy and mis-matched looking as our allotment and once a year, Karen springs into action and spruces the place up for visitors before slipping back into languid slobdom and allowing the bindweed to take over. But however much I'd like to think it, I sincerely doubt it's true! Something tells me it's probably this charming all year round.

By the time we arrived the smallholding tours were full, so we missed out this time round, but spending such a glorious day eating our onion marmalade pork pies in the shade of a sycamore to the strains of a folk quartet was not such a shabby way to spend an afternoon.

Back home we took our foraging into new territory. Brewer's Green has played host to a traditional, horse drawn, covered gypsy caravan for the last 3 weeks or so which made a diverting addition to the school run. Once the itinerant owner had moved on, I noticed the vast quantity of horse manure left behind. So today, Adam and I popped over with a spade and some bags and scooped up a couple of sacks full. Just enough to fill our second compost bin to the top so we now have two bins full of horse manure which feels like money in the bank!

Despite my pleasure and pride in my splendid muck heap, I decided not to photograph it for the blog and went for our infant pumpkins instead. They're loving the hot weather and seem to be growing before our eyes, here's hoping they continue to do so well.

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  1. your pumpkin is looking great...mine has lots of flowers but last I checked it had no fruit...just a waiting game now and then i can give it a chop back to let the good fruits flourish!!