Sunday, 5 September 2010

Egg Rack

Just a quick one today for my fellow chicken keepers. We all know it can be a bit of pain keeping track of which eggs need to be used up first. I've previously solved the problem by keeping old egg boxes (labelled 1 and 2 for when the hens are particularly productive) in the fridge and having a system of going left to right, top to bottom while keeping the box hinge on the left. As a system it functions but isn't immediately obvious to visitors (or my husband so far as I can tell) and isn't particularly aesthetically pleasing either.

I've had my eye on the Omlet egg helter skelter for a while but £20 felt a bit steep so I was pleased to discover this Ebay shop. My egg rack arrived a couple of days ago and I'm delighted with it. The idea is you put new eggs on the left and take eggs to use from the right. When one is removed the others gently roll down to make room for fresh eggs. I love the simple, clean design and the fact that they're individually hand made, well worth the price I think.

Just one tip - make sure you explain to any 6 year olds in the house that although it's true that the eggs roll along the rack, it's probably best not to send them whizzing, theme park style, from one end to the other. This post ends here as I appear to have a floor to mop ....


  1. oh lol on the 6 year old comment....thing is I think I would have to inform my 16 year old n4phew of this as well as he just can't keep his mitts off anything and I can clearly see the delight on his face in my mind were I to own such an egg holder!!

  2. Would that also apply to Grandads.
    What a brilliant contraption.

  3. yes, i can imagine the fun a 6 year old could have with that!! that is a nice simple idea, i love design like that (and i am so jealous that you have fresh eggs!)

  4. What a great idea. I use a cardboard egg tray in the pantry and move the eggs forward continually but this does take some time reorganising every day or two.

  5. eggsactly! Other household members shuffle them in the wrong direction or take them from the wrong end, I'm very fond of my egg rack. Now I just need my chickens to stop moulting and start laying ....