Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Excuse me but I appear to be living in the 1950s.

How the flapdoodle did that happen? I can just about recall the days when I had a career and court shoes but today I seem to be wearing a pinny and a smudge of flour on my cheek while chasing a chicken around the garden. Not that I'm complaining. It's a glorious spring afternoon, my daughters and I are eating luscious home made scones complete with home made jam (we needed an egg for the scones you see) which is infinitely preferable to ploughing my way through sickness stats in a grey office block.

After my previous post on my allotment related woes a couple of friends advised me to press our local Parish Clerk a little more firmly for some answers. I spent yesterday reading through the online minutes from the council meetings which tell me that the reason the allotments have been delayed is due to a rare plant being found on site. Doesn't make the delay any less frustrating but at least I now know there's a good reason for it though I'm really not sure why I couldn't just be told what had happened. I've started some correspondence with my local Parish Clerk (not the Neighbouring Parish Clerk) hopefully I'll be better informed and may even nudge progress along a little.

Here are the girls making the afore mentioned scones, snapped in a rare moment of peace in between squabbles about big sister's rolling pin monopoly. At least sickness stats don't cause hearing loss with their ear splitting screeching .....


  1. I know what I would much rather flapdooleing be doing, and working in stats office is not it.
    Give me a 50's housewife anyday (that doesn't sound right but you know what I mean).

  2. This post gave me a big smile as I thought about you chasing the chickens...little things give such lovely memories.. :-)