Monday, 15 March 2010

Momentous Day in the Kitchen.

We were away this weekend, spending time with the in-laws on Mother's Day while I got over the hurt of Xanthe giving my Mother's Day flowers to the cat with the reasoning that "she's a Mummy too". On our return last night the e-mail I've waited a year for was sitting in my in box - "Hello Tracey, The Allotments are ready. I will be on-site tomorrow ...." A white, panicky haze set in for a minute or two, during which I hastily typed a reply before realising the e-mail was a day old and I'd missed the on site meeting. 24hrs of telephone tennis later and I have a date for the handover: Thursday 18th March at 11am.

So finally, I can amend my status, delete 'aspiring' and retain 'allotmenteer'. I'm kind of glad I've got a couple of days now to read a few books and make some plans and quell the surprising levels of allotment anxiety I'm experiencing. All that space! And no-one to fill it but me, where will I put the shed? Should I build raised beds or eschew committing myself to a permanent structure just yet? The fruit trees - what if I choose the wrong spot? Should I put them in big tubs til I get to know the plot better? Decisions, decisions - and rest assured they will be discussed at length on here for some time to come!

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  1. Congratulations. Everything comes to those who wait. Well done.