Saturday, 6 March 2010

Turkey Fajitas

This is another one of those 'mustn't forget this one' recipe posts. I made Turkey Fajitas last night. Turkey because I can't get over the price of free range chicken breasts (the same price as a whole chicken!) and turkey breast was less than half the price. Fajitas because the children were out for tea so Adam and I could enjoy the type of food they just won't touch. I was pleased with this one, the meat was tender, juicy and spicy. Mm-mmm.

Marinade for Turkey Fajitas.
Juice and zest of 2 limes
1tsp ground cumin
Chili flakes to taste
2 large tbsp yellow bullace jam (or honey)
Chopped fresh coriander

Mix all together with strips of turkey breast (take out the white stripes of cartilage running through the meat), leave to marinade for a couple of hours or so. Tip everything into a pan over a high heat and let it bubble away til the excess liquid has boiled away leaving a sticky, spicy glaze over the turkey. Serve with the usual fajita accoutrement's.

Incidentally, I've had some feedback on the progress of the allotments. Apparently the plots are ploughed, weeded and marked out. Once the Allotment sub committee has drawn up a shed policy (I'm not making this up) the plots will be released.

Put it this way, I'm not allowing myself to get excited just yet ....

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