Sunday, 6 September 2009

Forager's Reward

Willow requested Elderberry crumble again last night so I tweaked the original recipe a little and think this is a rather more refined version.

Forager's Reward.
For the filling:
600g victoria plums (stoned weight)
200g elderberries
100g blackberries
pinch ground cinnamon and allspice
brown sugar
For the topping:
100g butter
225g plain flour
100g brown sugar
50g roughly chopped hazelnuts

Combine the filling ingredients in an oven proof dish with enough brown sugar to lightly coat.
Rub the butter and flour together, leave it fairly chunky at this stage. Mix in the brown sugar, pour the crumble mixture over the fruit and scatter hazelnuts on top. Bake at gm 4 for 40 mins. Serve with cream or ice cream.

A truly outstanding crumble, even if I say so myself! The quantities of fruit can obviously changed to suit what's available but I wouldn't recommend including more than 200g of elderberries as their taste is very strong.


  1. mm...sounds son hates nuts you think oats would be good in the topping??

  2. I'm sure they would, I have a recipe book which suggest substituting half the flour with oats. I quite often replace a quarter of the flour with ground nuts - though I suppose your son wouldn't approve of that either!