Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Winter in the Veg Patch

This is the first year I've attempted to grow winter crops and, so far, it's not going too badly. Pictured are my winter radishes growing in their freecycle skyscraper. Their progress is much slower than their summer brethren but they're still trundling along in a persistent manner. Also pictured is my mizuna, the original sowing went the same way as the first crop of radishes - chomped by Very Hungry Caterpillars while we were on holiday in August. I've decided I'm a huge mizuna fan. This is the first time I've tried it, it's very reminiscent of rocket both in taste and texture but it's slightly softer and milder so I find it more acceptable as a salad or stir fry leaf on it's own.

The Jerusalem artichokes look just about ready to harvest so I'll be chopping down the withered stems and leaves at the weekend but leaving the chokes in the ground where I'll pull them up as needed. Last year I saved a few to re-plant in spring but I've since realised there's no need as there are always loads in the ground that get missed and sprout up again. (even the neighbours have 'benefitted' from an accidental crop)

The mini greenhouse is looking good too, planted up with Pak Choi, Tatsoi and winter salad. Something is chomping in there though and I'm not sure what, the damage isn't devastating enough for slugs but surely it's too cold for caterpillars in November?

Next project is to initiate the Bokashi composting system. I'm hoping this works out as conventional composting can be tricky in a small garden so fingers crossed.


  1. When I read the abit about chokes in the ground I thought you were on about the chooks, could not understand you burying them in the ground until needed.!!!!!!!!!!

  2. After reading the above I am going to try growing mizuna myself - sounds like a good salad leaf - thanks!

  3. I am sometimes sorely tempted to sink the chooks into the ground, especially given the state of our lawn about February time.

    Glad you're going to give the mizuna a go sweet pea, it's v easy, well worth it.

  4. mmm..the mizuma sounds interesting...and the fact that I could grow it in winter is a major bonus. I only have garlic and beans in for the year I hope to have more of a winter crop though