Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sourdough #2

First of all, let's all gather around and gasp at the lovely airy sourdough I made.

Thank you.

Now let's turn our gaze south and pause to consider the dense brick like appearance of the other side of the loaf Things are getting better though, it tastes lovely, the crust is everything I hoped it would be but I think I've made a few of errors.

First of all my dough wasn't as wet as the recipe described at the kneading flour into the sponge stage. I added extra water but I'm not sure if this will have made a difference. Second, I put the shaped, round dough into the proving basket smooth side up but according to the book it should be smooth side down. Will this have made a difference to the rise? Not really sure. Finally, I accidentally made too much dough by forgetting to half the quantities in the recipe so I think the oven was over crowded and the loaf didn't cook evenly (hence the brick like side vs light and bubbly side)

Thanks to @goodshoeday who has been quietly cheering me on via Twitter and has recommended Dan Lepard's website for sourdough tips. My plan is to read through the webside then set about sourdough #3, which I fully expect to be perfect!

Well done to anyone reading through this, I'm uncomfortably aware that I'm becoming a sourdough bore but I have to make this work, namely because I've ordered some lovely handmade bread proving baskets from Jane Jennifer and the purchase has to be justified!


  1. You see, here I am having failed to buy any bread at all, and there you are creating sourdogh brilliance.

    Am feeling suitaly inadequate.

  2. Brilliance?! That is VERY generous!

  3. They actually look really good for sourdough bread, to me anyway. Mine tends to be kind of on the heavy side.

  4. I'm comparing mine to the delicate lacework of the photos in the book. Maybe we should all do a 'real sourdough' photo upload on Twitter!

  5. You are on a sourdough trail and definitely going in the right direction... it took me several attempts to get my sourdough anything like it should be... but sourdough is a slooooow thing. I found that relaxing and not sticking exactly to the timings that it says worked for me. I give everything a few hours longer - I leave the sponge overnight and then I leave the dough until after evening meal and then I prove all night and bake the following morning. It seems to work. IMy starter is only about a year old though, and still does not have the same flavour that the baker who gave it to me gets. Guess I'm still a beginner! Keep going with it... you'll get there.

  6. Well I think your second attempt looks great and with practice the process will become more natural and your sourdough will be perfect and those handmade bread proving baskets will become one of the most used items in the kitchen!!