Monday, 22 November 2010

Vintage darling, vintage.

I'm choosing to call these vintage rather than second hand so as to sound all posh. They cost the grand sum of 10p each at a car boot sale back in the summer. I had the screw bands refurbished at KilnerjarsUk for a further £2.50 each so not a bad price for the beautiful greeny, bubbly glass jars.

They have old fashioned 2 piece glass lids but no maker's mark. Kilnerjars Peter thinks they're probably cheapo Woolworths copies of Kilner/Mason jars. I have to admit I'm a bit too nervous to use them for actually bottling as I'm not sure if the old glass will stand up to the pressure with it's various flaws etc. I'd also need buy rubber bands and they, rather frustratingly, are all very slightly different sizes so I'd have to buy a pack of bands for each jar which would bump the price up further, plus figuring out which size to buy would be a bit hit and miss. I will therefore be keeping these for storage and pickling.

I was rather pleased to see Ruth on the Edwardian Farm using jars of the same design for pickling her apples the other week - though I was desperate to tell her to pickle damsons rather than apples as they're so much nicer!


  1. Lucky you. They certainly look like the kilner jars that my Nan had and we used to play skittles with. A solid glass lid held in place with the screw and then a seal underneath and they look the same size as the ones she had. Trouble is they did many different versions. If you want the kilner jars for bottling you can buy new ones in two different sizes but they have the same size lids just different bottle quantities and a metal lid with the seal pressed into it so no separate rubber seal. Wilkinsons are the cheapest (and you can buy them individually) but Lakland do boxes of 12 John Lewis also sell them separately. But a nice find all the same. I use the Le Parfait French Glass bottling jars for pickling as a metal lid can deteriorate with vinegar unless is specifically coated.

    Hope you are keeping well

    Kind regards


  2. The jars look lovely...pickled apples?? I never knew you could...I don't have access to damsons so this is something I may try next year!!

  3. Patty - I have a plethora of assorted bottling jars. We're lucky to have an old fashioned hardware shop in town which sells various jars plus the spare bits needed so we've got some kilner jars from there plus a motley selection picked up at charity shops, car boots and freecycle.

    Tanya - yes, pickled apples! I'm not madly keen on them but they're OK with pork as an alternative to apple sauce. Damsons are lush, lovely with cheese, cold meats etc. The recipe's on here.