Monday, 7 September 2009

Reasons to be Cheerful - Part 3

So we get the message, it’s Autumn. Winter draws on etc in an effort to cheer myself up I’ve come up with my top 5 Autumn Reasons to be Cheerful (I know it says Part 3 in the title but thems the lyrics, blame Ian Drury not me). The big question is can I do it without resorting to guff about mist, crunchy leaves and mellow fruitfulness?

1. The kids are back at school. Sorry girls, I’ve loved having you at home but it’s lovely to have a bit more time to get on with stuff. I do miss you though.

2. Comfort food. Mashed potato, shin beef cooked in Adnams, roast dinners, crumble and custard. Washed down with a glass of red on a Sunday afternoon. I’m rubbish at summer food.

3. Pretending that making chutney is Really Quite Difficult, banishing the rest of the family from the kitchen while I perform the black arts for an hour or two. The reality is more like a play on Radio 4, a glass of sloe gin and a lazy stir every 15 mins or so.

4. Soft fruit may be out of the way now but apples and pears are in full flight (especially given grabby thing and a springy twig) quince, walnuts and chestnuts beckon.

5. Christmas. I do apologise, I know it’s too early for the C word but I love the build up, Christmas Fayres, roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate with brandy – definitely no mulled wine though. Ugh.

So that’s my 5, the last one sailed a bit close to the wind on the guff front I feel – Any more for any more?


  1. the nights draw me more time to curl up on the sofa with a good book!!

    you don't get woken up at stupid o'clock by the birds falling out in the garden.

    snuggles and cuddles are always more plentiful in the colder days!!!

  2. I'm really hoping I can add another one: the kids stay asleep longer now that the mornings are darker! One can wish ....

    I get plenty of cuddles in the summer thank you very much!

  3. Thought of another - I'm supposed to hear whether I've got an allotment in 'Autumn' though the way things have been going if I get any news before next year I'll be happy.

  4. Autumn colours - you cannot beat them.
    Snuggled up in bed listening to the wind and rain beating on the window (or is that summer)
    Potatoe Hash with red cabbage or brown sauce (you can't beat abit of sauce).
    Whats a cuddle??!!

  5. cuddle...snuggle it what you well...they get less as your kids get older...but I always get plenty (even from the teens) on a cold dark evening!!!