Sunday, 17 July 2011

It's a Potato!

I defy anyone who was a child in the '80's to dig up a potato and not say "It's a potato!" softly to themselves every time they find one. (Here' the explanation for those who weren't) And while I'm on the subject, can I add to my list of life's small disappointments: thinking you've found a potato but it turns out to be a smooth stone. Bitter disappointment of this nature can crush your soul.

I've now sampled 2 kinds of new potatoes, my much sought after Ulster Sceptre and the more common place Aron Pilot. My Ulster Sceptre did give me a few childhood memory flashbacks. The taste, if I'm honest, is just potatoy, but the texture, smell and colour of the skin took my right back to those sweaty little 5lb bags we used to get from the shops.

What I did really appreciate was the floury texture. The Aron Pilot are far more waxy and not really very good for roasting or mashing but the Ulster Sceptre are a much more dual purpose potato - which explains why they were so popular in the chippies back home. The only downside is the yield, it was OK but the Aron Pilot are much more abundant.

I've not tried my Nadine yet but they're next.

In the meantime, if anyone would care to share their recommendations for floury tasting early potatoes with a high yield, I'd love to hear them.


  1. Nothing better than home grown spuds!
    Are you going to 'peel them with your metal knives'? (I'm older than you, I remember the 60's/70's!)
    Here's a good potato link for you

  2. I'm not much into 'floury' potato but I can tell you that Aaron pilot aren't one of my favorites to grow due to yield. I after a few years now stick with 'rockets' for first earlies and 'charlottes' for second earlies. For ole potatoes I like to grow 'king Edwards' and 'desirre'.

    I have never even heard of the Ulster Sceptre before...glad it bought you back so many good memories!!

  3. Oh the Smash men - I remember them but I was young enough to be a bit freaked out!

    Tanya - do you mean they have a low yield? Wow, that must mean the Ulster Sceptre are super low then!

  4. yes may just have been my soil or the weather but I got quite a low yield with them so stick to what I know grows well in my soil....I guess that's why there are so many different varieties...for all the different types of soil and weather.