Friday, 26 June 2009

Am I allowed to swear on this blog?

Because those sparrows are driving me to it! OK, so I've netted the chard, what do they do? Perch on the edge of the barrel, push the netting til it touches the plants then stick their beaks through the net and carry on eating! I put up jingly, sparkly strings of bottle tops, what do they do? Sit between the strings admiring my handiwork. They've reduced my borlotti beans to shreds, dug up seeds, poo on the pea shoots and - the final insult - built nests in our guttering which we've now got to get rid of.

I've swathed the bean support with netting to try and keep them off the beans and prevent them digging up the 3 surviving bean seedlings. That's an entire 10m roll of garden netting I've got through and I may even need some more! It's a tad depressing as I bought a nice willow bean support for the front so that it would look nicer than the average veg patch but it's not exactly a thing of beauty anymore, buried under miles of green plastic.

Still, gritted teeth, learning curve etc etc, next season I'll net everything from the start. What's my mantra? "I'm not a keen gardener, I'm a keen eater" repeat, repeat, repeat .....

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