Saturday, 27 June 2009

Today's bounty, neither foraged nor grown.

Debatable whether it warrants a mention on the blog really! This morning started with a visit to Rachel to collect her very kindly donated courgette plant. It's now sitting in the back garden, fully potted up and licking it's wounds in a sulky kind of way. Fingers crossed it makes it through the night. She also very kindly gave me a couple of courgettes and a pumpkin. I'm toying with the idea of pumpkin chutney if I can find a recipe.

The chickens have had a preliminary scrub, they were kicked out of the coop early this morning while it was pressure washed. Tomorrow we break out the Jeyes fluid, anti mite spray and diotoms, the lucky, lucky birds.

Then it was on to Paddock Farm Shop in Mulbarton which is a charming farm shop/butchers/PYO fruit farm. It's a lovely shop, idyllic spot, yummy cakes and cheese and chutney tastings, what more could a girl want? I've decided that when I grow up I want a fruit farm, definitely my fantasy job.

However, it's all too easy to forget we're not foraging and have to actually pay for this stuff. We picked and picked and picked (and ate and ate and ate) then got a shock at the till. Going on last year's experience it should hopefully be enough for around 20 1lb jars of jam so I have my work cut out for the next couple of days.

The strawberry/raspberry jam is the pinnacle of my jam making year, very much a treat that we're happy to pay for. Later in the year we'll pick wild fruit which is the rather more workaday backbone of the jam store. No less tasty but certainly cheaper and rather more plentiful.

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