Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Really proud of my little gardeners

Please excuse the self indulgent Mummy post but here goes. Xanthe brought home 3 packs of seeds from nursery yesterday, they're part of the Morrisons's Let's Grow 'Big Bean Challenge' (whatever that is when it's at home). Being the big sister, Willow had to get in on the act too and both girls were really excited at the prospect of their own French Beans.

I got compost and little pots out of the garage and left them to it. Half an hour later, without any help from me, they'd filled the pots with compost, planted the seeds, watered them and written 'bens' (sic) on the plant marker in the pack.

They're now lined up with the borlotti beans from yesterday and the girls are anxiously waiting to fill in their bean growth chart.


  1. How are the bens getting on?

  2. Just peeping their heads above the soil, update when there's more to see!