Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Red Lollo Green Lollo

Here are a couple of pics of my Lollo Rosso seedlings, spot the difference? I commented to Adam yesterday that the indoor Lollo is green whereas the outdoor Lollo is red. At lunchtime he sent me this link to a New Scientist article, apparently it's UVB sunlight that turns the leaves red and in the process creates extra antioxidants. Window glass blocks this UVB light, leaving indoor Lollo pale and wan. I did notice last year that my Lollo Rosso didn't look quite like the stuff in the shops so it seems the answer is down to the commercially grown stuff being produced indoors. It's also heartening to know my home grown Lollo Rosso is more nutritious than the supermarket packets.

Edit at Adam's request: He would like to point out that he deduced the colour difference would be due to UV light before his theory was confirmed by New Scientist. Your scientific reasoning is beyond reproach my love.

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  1. UVN sunlight turns me red as well.
    Well done Adam, not just a pretty face.