Thursday, 11 June 2009

No room at the Inn

I think it's safe to say I've finished potting up for the season now. I've sorted out the old garlic/carrot box, the Lollo Rosso and basil are safely installed in their new home. I've planted last year's terracotta strawberry pot with thyme plants, basil seedlings and coriander seed, it's now in the front garden where I hope it will get enough sun.

So that's it, both gardens are now full. No room at the Inn.

I went for a run this morning (smug alert!) which, incidentally, was like running through a sauna. This morning we had torrential rain which turned to sweltering sun as soon as I set off, evaporating the standing water on the ground in great clouds of steam. Anyhoo, I jogged past a house which had a stall outside selling a variety of flower, herb and veg plants so I stopped for a look (not a sneaky rest, oh no ....) and spied a sorrel plant. I then spent the rest of the run mentally re-arranging pots to figure out where I can put it. But in truth, there really isn't anywhere sensible for it to go.

Owners of other small gardens will feel my pain, why is it that as soon as I put up the 'closed' sign, I see another 'must have' plant? I just keep telling myself that Sorrel is only good during it's first year anyway, by the second year it tends to taste rather metallic. Also, when cooked the taste might be nice but the appearance is more akin to cow pat. Maybe I should go and forage some wood sorrel to cheer myself up, it might be tiny and time consuming to pick a bowl full but I think the lighter taste is superior to cultivated sorrel.

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