Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Courgette Frustration

Right, so you know the story, sorry, I mean saga of my courgettes this summer? I bought the seeds, planted them, cared for them diligently and they develop mosiac virus. So I ditch my precious seedlings and Rachel kindly steps into the breach with her transplaneted courgette. Said courgette seems to be doing fine, then waivers a little, and finally rallies.

So at the moment, all in the garden is well, the courgettes are growing nicely, in fact will be ready to harvest in the next few days. "Great!" you say "Fab! Bet you can't wait!" Indeed I can't. But there's one small spanner in the works. We're going on holiday for two weeks on Saturday. So will I get to eat my harvest after my Herculean efforts? No. They can't wait til we get back as they'd be huge fluffy marrows by then so instead they'll go to my lovely neighbour who is kindly watering the veg and feeding the chickens for us.

Please understand I don't begrudge her a few courgettes/eggs/tomatoes for her kindness but for the love of God, am I to have no courgettes this year???

Excuse me while I go and swear to myself in a corner.

1 comment:

  1. Bring some with you. We can get to taste something out of your veggie patch. Would not want your efforts to be in vain.