Monday, 6 July 2009

Radish Project Update

I can't believe how quickly the radishes are springing up! I can almost watch them growing. I thinned them out last night which was far easier at waist/shoulder height in the guttering than in the ground. The slight disadvantage of the guttering is that the small amount of soil seems to dry out quickly, especially in this warm weather, so they need a close eye and frequent watering. Oh yes, the other disadvantage is next door's conservatory window which is about a metre behind the fence and is now covered in water marks where spray from the hose has drifted over. Oops. I'm now using the watering can.


  1. got loads of them grounds now tracey..ill give them to ur dad to bring ...dont blame me if your carrots have a cappacino flaver

  2. Coffee carrots? Sounds interesting! Will look forward to the grounds and look out a small jar of something homemade for Dad to bring back for you.

  3. that goose bob jam sounds good