Sunday, 12 July 2009

Samphire Open Day

Those of you following me on Facebook or Twitter will know I tweeted about some Samphire we bought at the Farmer's Market in Diss yesterday. It was being sold by a company called Samphire (funnily enough!) who also sell rare breed pork. Today we visited their smallholding for the annual open day.

It's a beautiful place, so idyllic it's ridiculous, like Big Barn Farm made flesh (apart from the goats). Chickens ambled around the car park, lambs gambolled, geese honked and the pigs skittered around their field in a charming fashion. I am beside myself with envy that someone has managed to create an uber veg patch which actually looks pretty. The raised beds are neat and orderly, the grass between neatly clipped and devoid of shallow dustbaths. The scarecrow is rustic in a slightly tumbledown manner which avoids slipping into downright scruffy. There are no strings of milk bottle tops fluttering in the breeze, no plant trays nailed to any fences and no windmills in the strawberries. All the veg looks healthy and seems to be cropping bountifully. No trace of mosaic virus here.

Oh yes, and they make the most divine pork pies. They're at our farmers market every month so I think they'll become a regular treat. Not sure that samphire and pork pies are supposed to be eaten together but I'm going to carry on regardless.

When we got home I surveyed our little garden. The grass needs cutting, Feathers is moulting and the cat had pooed in the middle of the lawn. (Sigh)


  1. Looks like a great day. I'll be visiting Dis on my hols so will make a stop at Samphire.

  2. The smallholding near Diss is only open once a year but have a look at their website for details of their shops and the markets they do.