Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I won the battle, bring on the war!

Since I beefed up the anti-sparrow measures in the front garden the sparrow family seem to have disappeared (fingers crossed) I'm still a bit concerned though as the Borlotti beans have gone crazy and are now towering above the netting stretched around the bottom of the bean frame. The largest bean whose main growth shoot was broken off has surprised me by sending up another shoot which has taken over where the other one left off. All this means that there are now lots of tender, tasty shoots looking all naked and vulnerable around the bean frame. I'm just hoping the sparrows don't make an opportunistic raid and spot them, I'm sure they'd move back in like a shot if the food supply resumed.

The butternut squash is also doing well. I've done a little research on how I can expect the plant to grow and I'm reasonably confident that it can trail across the lawn where it will plenty of room. My plan is to feed it diligently as I'm a tad concerned about the small amount of ground it's growing in.

I've spent this morning thinning out my radish and coriander seedlings. I feel horribly guilty about ripping these tiny lives out of the ground and condemning them to a premature death (not sure I'm emotionally robust enough for this gardening lark) so I do my best to make use of them. The radish seedlings were donated to the chickens who wolfed them down in seconds (no tussling with finer feelings there) and the coriander seedlings have been saved to be used in the same way as grown up coriander.

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  1. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.